Tom Waits Tribute

Sun King Brewery Presents

Tom Waits Tribute

Cyrus Youngman & The Kingfishers, Chad Mills & the Upright Willies, Coot Crabtree, Tobacco Jones, Gary Wasson, The Hammer & the Hatchet, Damian Lee, Chris Wolf

Thu, April 27, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Cyrus Youngman & The Kingfishers
Cyrus Youngman is a novelist on the path to publishing. He's a folk-singer on the road to touring. But most importantly, Cyrus is an artist who has found his voice amidst the atonal roar of the 21st century. In December of 2014, Youngman met the musicians that were soon to become the backing band of his dreams. After only a month and a half, "Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers" has already finished tracking their debut EP - "Zodiac", a folk rock odyssey that will inspire you to march on Wall Street, cower beneath your covers, and kiss your parents all at the same instant. Paste the link below into your browser to visit their Indy GoGo page and learn how you can help Cyrus and his band give this EP the release that they believe it deserves!
Chad Mills & the Upright Willies
Chad Mills & the Upright Willies
Never claiming to be a guitar virtuoso, Mills just knew he loved music — making it, sharing it — and his music has grown exponentially each year thereafter. As a husband, father of three, and full time civil engineer, he still somehow manages to play an average of 120 live shows a year. That, my friends, is passion. While Mills has clearly grown into his own style, he freely lets his music reflect the ebbs and flows of his personal musical tastes of the moment. Listen to his albums and you'll find a pensive acoustic crooner on one track, a bluegrass tale-spinner on the next. Like Indiana weather: not sure you dig this song? Wait five minutes. It'll change.
Coot Crabtree
Cootie Crabtree is an Indianapolis based singer/songwriter who rambles the county lines between Americana, Alt-Country, Rock, Strange Folk & Rootsy Blues. A little rough around the edges but pure of heart. Performing homegrown, heart-crafted originals and choice cover songs written by influential artists, there is no specific genre or pigeon hole that fits Mr. Crabtree.
First and foremost, he is a natural born lover of music, and that love is what has inspired him to share his own unique brand and voice. Coot is fortunate enough to have some very talented friends who are also musicians, songwriters and fantastic instrumentalists. This allows him to perform solid solo showcases or he can easily round up a duo, trio or a full-on band to support and enrich his sound, whatever the situation may call for. From Townes Van Zandt to Jerry Garcia...... or Hank Williams to Wilco, Coot wanders the spaces between.
Cut & dried, he is a music fan with a song & sound of his own to share
The Hammer & the Hatchet
The Hammer and The Hatchet is a duo featuring John Bowyer on vocals, guitar and mandolin and Jayme Hood on guitar and vocals
Chris Wolf
Venue Information:
1043 Virginia Ave #4
Indianapolis, IN, 46203