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Andrew W Boss, Trip 6

Wed, April 11, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$16.00 - $20.00

This event is 21 and over

Originating in Mason, West Virginia, Bobaflex released their 8th studio album Eloquent Demons on Friday, August 25th, 2017 on Thermal Entertaintment.

Three singles have already or are impacting radio a cover of Pink Floyd's Hey You, check out the video here: second single Long Time Coming check out the video here: A third single Lights Out is impacting now and music video debuted:

Eloquent Demons is the follow up to 2015's Anything That Moves.

The band was originally signed by Eclipse Records to release their first full length album Primitive Epic. the band went on to TvT Records where they released two albums in Apologize for Nothing (2005) and Tales From Dirt Town (2007). label went bankrupt in 2009.

The band decided to go the independent route and started their own label, BFX Records in 2010 in order to control their own destiny. They released an EP in 2010 called Chemical Valley. With the exception of a re-recorded version of 2007's Home, all the songs on the EP would become part of their full release in 2011 Hell In My Heart which featured 16 songs and their top selling single to date Bury Me With My Guns Onand their very popular cover of Sound Of Silence (Simon-Garfunkel). Hell In My Heart was followed in 2013 with Charlatan’s Web which included the single I'm Glad You're Dead their most successful song at radio in their history.

Bobaflex’s tireless ethos has also carried into their live shows and touring schedule. Having played all lower 48 states over the last 7 years, they have played 100+ shows every year including a record setting 154 in 2016 and 124 shows in 2017. This constant schedule has crafted the band into one of the tightest and real live Rock n' Roll bands in the country.

Bobaflex are:

Marty McCoy - guitar / vocals
Shaun McCoy - guitar / vocals
Jake Earley - guitar / vocals
Tommy Johnson - drums
Jymmy Tolland - bass

Andrew W Boss
Andrew W Boss
Depending upon what circles you travel in, rap metal gets a lot of flack. Often opined as un-melodic, unimaginative and angst ridden by the general public, Salt lake City’s Andrew W. Boss is here to change that view of the genre.
Weaned on a musical diet of Metallica/Korn/Tupac/Beastie Boys/Mudvayne and so many more, Boss began to enjoy bands and musicians that were different and special, willing to experiment out side of the normal sounds. Boss first got the musician bug when he went to his brothers concert in downtown Salt Lake City, he was 10 yrs old and tiny, and the band had him wear a shirt that said "Head of Security".

Andrew began recording in 2003, trading studio time for weed, and has completed half a dozen albums to date, both solo projects and projects with bands. “I started out, straight writing and recording hip hop, not really having a plan or any organization, then I was in a band with my brother flip for a while in Phoenix and really focused on the writing process and recording process, that's what really got me hooked”

For his latest release, Invincible, Boss has teamed up with uber producer Jim Fogarty (Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Shadows Fall, etc) to deliver an album that transcends the rap metal tag. Equal parts rhymes, melodic and pure brutality, Invincible kicks off with the crushing “Avengers,” which leads straight into the first single, “Kleen.” “Kleen is definitely a fan favorite, and its personal to me because it depicts my troubles with getting sober.” The stage dive ready punch of the title track features Chelsea Grin drummer Pablo Viveros guesting with Boss on Drums, Bass and Guitars. “I met Pablo's wife through my 9 to 5 a while back and she found out I was a musician and showed my stuff to Pablo, we ended up hangin out and one day at his studio when I was writing Invincible, he's like, let's do a song together, I can make you something you can rap to, and I said no, I want you to make what you make and i'll do vocals on it, I want to blend the styles!” The demanding “Let Me Hear You” is a modern day anthem, opening with Boss chanting “Put your fucking hands up” repeatedly while the pop infused “Breaking Bridges” features Boss’ older brother Adam, singer of PoonHammer guesting with him on lead vocals.

Recorded between Salt Lake City and Phoenix Arizona where Boss's drummer Cory Michalski lives, a long with Studio musicians Jeremy Tabor and Sam Hughes that helped with the album, tracking and writing guitar riffs. All the tracks were recorded and sent to West Field MA for Jim to add his definite magic. Boss also recruited his brother Flip to record guitar and bass tracks in salt lake city, along with fellow guitarist Jonathan WIlson recording rough tracks at the beginning of the process… "I would have loved to have shipped the whole band to Jims studio for a month but it wasn't possible with our time line. But, I think it worked out better this way because I'm kinda anal, and sending a song to Cory in Phoenix or Jim in MA, let them work on it and finish it with out me breathin down their necks, and I think it let them blossom as an artist as well as it did me. It definitely shows in the way the album turned out."
Trip 6
Trip 6
Joe Tedesco - Vocals
Vic Pedraza - Drums
Sam Mustafalick - Guitar
Kevin Munster - Bass
Al "Chancho" Amey - Guitar
Venue Information:
1043 Virginia Ave #4
Indianapolis, IN, 46203