Sun King Brewery & MOKB Present


Izaac Opatz, It's Just Craig

Sun, May 13, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Traveller is the side project of solo artists Jonny Fritz, Robert Ellis, and Cory Chisel. They formed the group to take a detour around the well paved, monotonous road of solo artistry. It's a band of three great friends, all with distinct styles, who love to write and perform together. This is a no brainer.
Izaac Opatz
Izaac Opatz
Izaak Opatz has been writing and performing songs for the last ten years in Montana, Nashville, and Los Angeles.

The Best Westerns, a Missoula band Opatz has fronted for the last six years, released two records and won a loyal following across Montana for their spirited live show and original sound of jazz-, punk-, and soul-inflected country tunes, all written by Opatz.

Izaak has shared the stage with Jackson Browne, James McMurtry, Jonny Fritz, and Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes).

“I Love Leaving”, a song he co-wrote with Jonny Fritz and Robert Ellis, appeared on Fritz’s most recent release Sweet Creep (ATO Records), which was ranked #14 on Rolling Stone’s ‘Best Country Albums of 2016’ list.

Opatz released his debut solo album Mariachi Static in February 2017. Mariachi Static was recorded in Los Angeles with Malachi DeLorenzo (Langhorne Slim and the Law) and features 11 catchy new songs by Opatz.
It's Just Craig
It's Just Craig
It’s Just Craig started as a planned mid-life crisis just before Craig’s 40th Birthday. Craig ran off to San Francisco with ten songs and six friends, Elijah Ford, John Vanderslice, Marc Ford, Kirsten Ford, Jason Slota and Rob Shelton. They put those ten songs on two inch tape at Tiny Telephone and convinced Bernie Grundman to master the record and cut the lacquers. And, with that, Blood On The Table was born.

In today’s world, when making an album you can fix everything – pitch shifting vocals, playing parts to death until they are “perfect” manipulating everything until you’ve completely removed the soul from the original song. We intentionally didn’t do that. All the songs on Blood On The Table were done with the drums, initial guitar, keys and vocals together and usually in one or two takes. Sure, there are mistakes, but they translate as cool moments, they communicate the essence of the songs they are in. They give the record life. As J.V. is fond of saying, “You have to be willing to leave a little blood on the table.”

Craig didn’t know what to expect when putting out the record. He didn’t expect to be asked to play at his favorite Indianapolis venue (the HiFi), guest on The DoitIndy Radio Hour, be featured on amazing music blogs like the Revue, to have his album featured at Record Store Day at Luna Music, to have his story written up in the Indiana Lawyer, to play seven shows – including opening for Jenny O.and Robert Ellis (two of Craig’s personal favorites), to have more than 1,000 copies in circulation (digital, CD, & Vinyl), to have people streaming it every single day, to licence a song for commercial use … and who would have expected significant radio airplay in Europe? Certainly not Craig.

When M.P. Cavalier interviewed Craig for the DoitIndy Radio Hour, he asked what was next for It’s Just Craig. Going into the interview, Craig had expected the radio show to be the bookend on the project. Write ten songs, record them with amazing friends and musicians, have them mastered by an icon, release them on all formats, sell out the HiFi, and do a radio performance and interview seemed like all one could ask for. However, over that twenty minutes, Craig realized how important creating had become for him. He realized he didn’t know how to, or want to stop. He realized, inevitably, there would be more.

Now, Craig has written eight more songs, and with the same core group of friends, and with Jess and Kelsey from Von Strantz, they are recording album #2, tentatively titled Dark Corners, starting March 31, 2017, in Oakland, CA at Tiny Telephone Oakland.

This album is a concept album that follows the journey of a cargo boat captain from the moment he leaves home, on his sometimes lonely journey, getting stranded within view of his destination port, fighting (or not fighting) temptations of the sea, struggling with being out of sync with his partner on land, and ultimately deciding whatever it was he was deciding, of course he’s too late, and whichever direction is no longer open to him, so he sails off alone, still thinking of what he missed.
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1043 Virginia Ave #4
Indianapolis, IN, 46203